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About the Chef

Chef Judel Trogani

Jude began his culinary career when he won 3rd runner-up in Kitchen Superstar, the equivalent to Master Chef Philippines.  He received his Diploma as Culinary Major in Culinary Arts and Bread & Pastry Production and he worked on GMA 7 Television Network for 6 years as a celebrity Chef all before moving to Canada back in 2016.  He has since received advanced training and certification at LE CORDON BLUE Paris and Thailand working directly with the renowned Vice Director of Culinary arts and Head of Le Cordon Bleu Pastry and Boulangerie Chef Fabrice Danniel.  He has cooked for a five-star hotel with branches in Dubai, Maldives, Thailand, Guam and more. Jude was the Executive Chef in Adamson University’s Hospitality Department, and he was a professional Culinary and Advanced Pastry professor for Conestoga College’s Hospitality department.  The list of Chef Jude’s accomplishments is long, and we are lucky to have his skillset and passion in our kitchen to cook for you, our valued guests.

Chef Jude’s Passion for excellence is fueled by his dedication, hard work and commitment.  He is a passionate chef who creates his own dishes using local Ontario products.  Leading by example, Chef Jude shares his philosophy of using local ingredients and promoting growth within his culinary team, who shares the same vision. He is equally proud of his role as an innovator, mentor and a teacher, continuing to have a profound result on Canada’s culinary field.  Chef Jude offers a dining experience like no other and it’s one you certainly don’t want to miss.

About the Chef: About the Chef
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